The Names Of Snakes

from by blackQueen



I heard whispers that echoed across subconscious landscapes
birds with an obsidian countenance reported
you poisoned serenity through your toxic treason
snakes incapable of clear judgement we'll behead you. Off!

Cup of wine keeping the evil from entry
cup of rice feeding the spirits my sentries
tongue of pig nailed to the altar in silence
bone of snake bathe the unworthy in violence
you curse is flying back at you!

Eyes see that your spilling secrets that shouldn't be spoken
lies spitting your venom too many promises broken
i know your name, extinguish your flame. Out!

Break my leg and i'll put you in a coffin

Careful what you say i'm listening to everything
weaponizing words you'll stab yourself eventually
think before you curse assume responsibility
coiled up in the grass now i know your game

All talk but your action's limited
hissing spitting right on the grave
No remorse for those you would assassinate
with your venom you will be laid
in a coffin constructed by your rhetoric
with your words rusty fucking nails
now you've nailed the lid on your coffin
now you're suffocating yourself.


from The Directress, released August 1, 2015
Produced by Billy Anderson and blackQueen
All words and music by Pete Jay



all rights reserved


blackQueen Seattle, Washington

blackQueen is a musical representation of the the powers of nature being channeled through a human host, and of the fear born from its misunderstood creative and destructive elements.

Originally starting in San Francisco in 1998, the band has re-emerged in a new form after a hiatus in its new home of the great northwest. blackQueen plays 'Witch Metal' exclusively,
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