March of the Obsidian Triumvirate

by blackQueen

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Recorded by Brandon Fitzsimons at Airport Grocery


released October 31, 2012

Pete Jay-guitar, curses, arpaxxe
Alex Bytnar-drums and percussion
Ursula Stuart-bass guitar
Brandon Fitzsimons-keyboards, synth and samples



all rights reserved


blackQueen Seattle, Washington

blackQueen is a musical representation of the the powers of nature being channeled through a human host, and of the fear born from its misunderstood creative and destructive elements.

Originally starting in San Francisco in 1998, the band has re-emerged in a new form after a hiatus in its new home of the great northwest. blackQueen plays 'Witch Metal' exclusively,
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Track Name: the 2nd Key
Hidden in your dreams. away from light it boils
Bubbling cauldron simmering, subversively she toils
Tooth of bat and claw of cat, stirred thirteen times counterclockwise

Undermining god and man alike, unbreakable her will
Perishing dreams, a bastion of sorrows
Wrecks of forgotten delirium hidden away

Whispering flames call out your name
Shadows deceiving the eye
Concealing true nature, revealing a misleading lie.

Sending her missive through waves of fear
Silencing all who would tell.
Functioning silently, all move as one
Fulfilling the will of the mistress, under her spell.

Underneath the water her name is shown
cloaked in burbling silence alone.
Someone is waiting, someone will take your hand.

Feel the grip of her will unwind as you gasp for air,
reaching out for the key but no one is there.
Track Name: the Artemisiast
Trodden down the paths enclaved in dark green,
Dreaming of unknown.
Cherishing the growth, a vehicle unseen.
Fueled be wind and stone.

I shall ascend from this world!

Sow the bitter root the libations set free,
Priming the soul for flight.
Charging of the blade for apsaras to heed,
Sword of moonless night.

Tearing a hole in the fabric of illusory consciousness, the mountain comes alive.

I float high above this waning world.
My head hangs from a thread, celestial, grounded by the shining herb.

Suspended between two worlds I fathom leaving this earth behind.

Savoring verdant majesty,
Gates are opening inside,
Born of grande artemisia,
To ride the elixir to the other side.

This waking lifes a dream.
Drop by drop the louche forms it's seam.
Infinitely upward flows the stream.

Eyes, they stare into the soul.
On the path, immortals ages old chant as I vanish........