The Directress

by blackQueen

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The Directress is a journey through the mind of the Noctambulistic Witch, one whose soul can leave her sleeping body and travel on a subconscious level creating untraceable subterfuge.


released August 1, 2015

Guitar, Vocals, Synths, Samples - Pete Jay
Synths, Keys, Samples - Brandon Fitzsimons
Bass - Ursula Stuart
Drums - Alex Bytnar

Guest vocals by Paul Pavlovich (Assuck), Uta Plotkin (Witch Mountain), Robert Hanna (Countdown to Armageddon) , Vox Vespertinus, Joy Von Spain (Eye of Nix), Katrina Ellison (Samara), and Wrest (Leviathan).

Recorded and mixed by Billy Anderson at Cloud City Sound, The Airport Grocery, and Everything Hz.
With assistance by Kati Werner and Rohan Sforcina.
Additional Engineering by Brandon Fitzsimons
Mastered by Justin Weis at Trakworx Recording and Mastering.

Cover art by Isaac Stuart.



all rights reserved


blackQueen Seattle, Washington

blackQueen is a musical representation of the the powers of nature being channeled through a human host, and of the fear born from its misunderstood creative and destructive elements.

Originally starting in San Francisco in 1998, the band has re-emerged in a new form after a hiatus in its new home of the great northwest. blackQueen plays 'Witch Metal' exclusively,
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Track Name: The Olde Religion
Aeons ago touched by the sky
While rivers flowed and songbird revered
Mineral of stone a secret concealed
Above and below charges for a host to recieive

Preternatural call conduit of bone a hall of worship
Crushing of root and bark to dust
Sip from the bowl return to the womb

Circle drawn open the gates
Messengers drawn down the moon
Lonesome hills basking in fear
Dawning beast skins

Feast on blood of beet the grasses lift you high
Hemispheres unlocked the mysteries of the mind

Understanding the will as a tool
A weapon to brandish deceiving the herd
Casting a shadow reflecting the altar
Gaze at the symbol repeating the word
Stepping through the veil of light into the dark
Track Name: Silentium
Ascending the cobblestone stairs, spiraling
spirit lay hidden undead, gaurding unspeakable
secrets too fatal to hear, see or say
signing your promise in blood, bound to silentium!

Dwellings looming in blackness, sew your lips shut with my spell
Dark dismal houses of blasphemy, no passage from this hell

Corridors winding in peril, insanity
Alters awaiting our queen, rule o'er the land with fear.
Drink from the crimson chalice, virgin blood
Shadows coming to life with the dead, fulfill the will of the witch!

Her name must not be spoken, defiler of the pact
The gates will now be open, the fear you'll feel
your heart will turn dead black..

Tear you limb from limb, in your blood my poison swims
Bleed, forever burn, your ashes in my urn
Slashing out your tongue, drink your blood, your life is done
Bleed, forever burn, your ashes in my urn
Track Name: The Names Of Snakes
I heard whispers that echoed across subconscious landscapes
birds with an obsidian countenance reported
you poisoned serenity through your toxic treason
snakes incapable of clear judgement we'll behead you. Off!

Cup of wine keeping the evil from entry
cup of rice feeding the spirits my sentries
tongue of pig nailed to the altar in silence
bone of snake bathe the unworthy in violence
you curse is flying back at you!

Eyes see that your spilling secrets that shouldn't be spoken
lies spitting your venom too many promises broken
i know your name, extinguish your flame. Out!

Break my leg and i'll put you in a coffin

Careful what you say i'm listening to everything
weaponizing words you'll stab yourself eventually
think before you curse assume responsibility
coiled up in the grass now i know your game

All talk but your action's limited
hissing spitting right on the grave
No remorse for those you would assassinate
with your venom you will be laid
in a coffin constructed by your rhetoric
with your words rusty fucking nails
now you've nailed the lid on your coffin
now you're suffocating yourself.
Track Name: the 3rd Key
Underneath the soles of your shoes
Weeping in the dark, unbridled fear emerges
Gripping, hollow, ripping,shallow, hanging over chasms, slipping
She has a secret, old as time, know her name, know her crime
Undefinable, her face is black
Hell awaits behind that door, you are going to meet death now!
Your throat is slit, pretty eyes cut out
Your heart hangs on her bedroom wall bleeding, rotting in the dark
Track Name: Forever Daggers
Seething from her pores came the dripping rain
hot with autumn winds that blew
over the fence that winds down the hill

Trodden path forgotten, swallowed secret garden
Taste the bittersweet pollen
Behind you chimes a sound, no one

Her voice is the breeze that chills me to the bone
Her touch is the snow that buries me alone.

Mother of the dark wraps a freezing cape
welcomes fear of the unknown
a murder harkens taking to the air

Whispers of the rotten, leaves and bark begotten
Hear the howl your heart is racing, will you see the dawn?

Her touch breaks the will to pieces, fearful lost
Her eyes stab the soul, forever daggers phosphorous.

I have wandered from the path, walls of black are closing in
kissed goodnight by lips of pale
questioning my sanity i shiver in the shadows, blind.

Trodden path forgotten, swallowed secret garden
Hear the howl your heart is racing, will you see the dawn?

Her voice is the breeze that chills me to the bone
Her touch is the snow that buries me alone.
Track Name: Beneath the Barrow
Wails far away echo the sound of souls devoured
born from the cold barrow, kissed by her shroud

Perplexing mix of fear and ecstacy, longing for her womb
drawn by lights of dull and sullen sorcery, down into the tomb

Soul symphonies hollow, froze stillborn
thirst for her breast hallowed, undeath adorned

Piercing thru the wind hearing the mother's call, hungry for the soul
feeding on the light of those who can't move on, her secret song unfolds.

Eyes blind, limbs tied, she came inside, i can feel her eyes, draining.

Torn, suffering the wispmother's scorn
lips pouting with poison
'So, you want to know pain?!'
tears falling like icy rain.....

'Don't hide from me!'

Then came a call, wrenching the heart
draining the soul, tearing out....

Lost in abyss, wreathed in mist
decaying rags become my armor
the song and I are one.
Track Name: The Directress
With Great Horned Owl's eyes and the Raven's disguise
beneath the light, into your dreams she takes flight

Head of the snake, flickering tongues, in candlelight
mistress of magick and might.

Into the cairn, all come aware, somnambulistic spell
sighs from her mouth give birth to hell.

She has come aware, initiated heed her will
elemental sorceress come forth.

Raging wind bending tree, metal splitting wood and bone
earth smothering penetration, fire turning flesh to ashes

the blind shall run thru fear whilst the hunt draws near.

Moonlight sows hair and claw, predation becomes the jurisprudence
taking tongues so words can't fly, none escape the horned owls eyes

Talons from the sky silencing your lie forevermore.

From cavern to grotto to the plateau at dusk
a wind singing gently, on wings of pitch ride her lusts for power.

a song whispered to the ground below, opening ancient channels
through which her will flows.

Her wings kissed the mountains, her claws embrace the deep.

From fathoms deception rising, electroluminous eyes
from nimbus the raptors diving, the noctambulist arrives.

Spiraling zephyrs told her once of clandestine device
calling familiars to her will an incantation thrice
a thousand miles a second, overseeing eyes
drawing all together, initiated wisdom materialize.