from by blackQueen



Ascending the cobblestone stairs, spiraling
spirit lay hidden undead, gaurding unspeakable
secrets too fatal to hear, see or say
signing your promise in blood, bound to silentium!

Dwellings looming in blackness, sew your lips shut with my spell
Dark dismal houses of blasphemy, no passage from this hell

Corridors winding in peril, insanity
Alters awaiting our queen, rule o'er the land with fear.
Drink from the crimson chalice, virgin blood
Shadows coming to life with the dead, fulfill the will of the witch!

Her name must not be spoken, defiler of the pact
The gates will now be open, the fear you'll feel
your heart will turn dead black..

Tear you limb from limb, in your blood my poison swims
Bleed, forever burn, your ashes in my urn
Slashing out your tongue, drink your blood, your life is done
Bleed, forever burn, your ashes in my urn


from The Directress, released August 1, 2015
Produced by Billy Anderson and blackQueen
All words and music by Pete Jay



all rights reserved


blackQueen Seattle, Washington

blackQueen is a musical representation of the the powers of nature being channeled through a human host, and of the fear born from its misunderstood creative and destructive elements.

Originally starting in San Francisco in 1998, the band has re-emerged in a new form after a hiatus in its new home of the great northwest. blackQueen plays 'Witch Metal' exclusively,
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